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Tax and Accounting Professionals


At TAXCISE LLC., we are committed to provide best professional services to our clients.

Income Tax Return Preparation

Having prepared hundreds of federal and multi-state individual, business and trust
tax returns we know how hard it can be to understand all the different forms to prepare an accurate return. Having extensive knowledge of income tax regulations and recent updates, we are equipped with what it takes to give you right advice to gain full advantage of tax benefits and stay in compliance with the law. Many times people are unaware of the various intricacies that could legitimately save them real tax dollars. We have prepared returns for a large number of states in the U.S. With our experience we can help. All of our tax returns are prepared, reviewed and signed by a qualified tax professional.

We provide experienced professional tax advise best suitable for your situation and help you legally reduce your tax liability.

We also offer electronic filing options at no extra charge. We can assist you with all your tax needs.

Electronic Refund Checks (ERCs) and Electronic Refund Deposits (ERDs)

With ERCs and ERDs, you can get your refund faster and have the tax preparation fees deducted from your refund.

Business Services

We provide services to corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, not-for-profit entities and sole proprietors. We have experience working with your financial world. We can help with a wide range of businesses including Hi-tech, Bio-Tech, E-Learning Solutions, Medical Equipment suppliers, Real Estate, Restaurants, Doctors, Dentists, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Plumbers, Electricians, Professional Firms, Landscapers, Contractors, Retailers, and more.

We have the experience to help you move your business forward. We can help you improve the efficiency of your accounting system.
Based on our experience and knowledge, we may be able to help implement action plans suitable for your business as we do not follow rigid cookie-cutter approach to business solutions.

Business Formation and Start Up.

We can help you form a business entity, acquire Federal ID numbers, file appropriate tax elections and setup payroll system.
Financial Statements, General Ledger and reconciliations

We help maintain your depreciation and amortization schedules, fixed asset schedules, quarterly, semi-annual or annual financial statements, all account reconciliations including bank reconciliations.
Accounting System Setup and Support

We can help your business set-up the necessary software and offer training and support.
Payroll and Payroll Taxes

We take care of your payroll setup including all federal and state filing.

Individual Services
Whether you are an employee, a business owner or self employed, our company can provide you with a variety of services to fit your particular need.
From tax return preparation and general tax work to financial consulting and planning for the future, we have you covered. We understand what it takes to stay on top of your finances.
You need answers to a lot of financial what ifs? And, does it apply to me?
What are the tax consequences if we do it now or should we wait until…? Or
With so much out there to keep track of, you will find our experience and insight valuable to make sense of it.

Prompt and Quality service is our standard.